AFL-CIO Community Services Liaison

A Rich History

August 17, 1942 is when our history began.

That is when an agreement was made between United Way Worldwide and the AFL and CIO. Both entities saw the shared needs of the individuals they serve and knew: They were better together.

Since that time, the AFL-CIO and Central Labor Councils have partnered in the United Way workplace campaign, encouraging Union members to give, advocate and volunteer. This partnership is focused on creating a safe environment where working families can live, work and flourish right here at home.

Liz Wertz

AFL-CIO Community Services Liaison

417-863-7700 ext. 224
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Key Areas of Responsibility

The liaison helps improve support systems in both public and private for workers and their families. The liaison serves to:

  • Provide referral services to workers and their families through unemployment and crisis events.
  • Coordinate volunteer events to provide service and support to the community.
  • Build and maintain the relationship with the Springfield Central Labor Council.
  • Contribute to initiatives that improve support systems, public and private, for workers and their families.
  • Improve the social and economic conditions of working families to reduce their need for services and assistance.

2022 - 2023 Campaign Endorsements

Building and Construction Trades Council of Springfield, Missouri and Vicinity


Springfield Central Labor Council