Financial Stability

United Way is focused on helping stabilize individuals so they can build a plan to support themselves and their families.

While all needs must be addressed, in order to help individuals and families lift themselves out of poverty, basic needs must be addressed first. If we apply this knowledge to the under-resourced in our community, it is easy to see that we must address needs like food, shelter, and safety before we can focus on higher-level needs such as skills, training, education, and others.

Addressing Symptoms of Poverty

Red Flag Indicators
1 in 5
Adults Unable To Read Beyond a Third Grade Level
1 in 7
Do Not Have Access to Food
1 in 7
Children are Abused or Neglected
1 in 200
Will Suffer A Violent Crime

We fund programs with these key requirements

1 Focus on Red Flag issues
2 Use evidence based programming
3 Annual output and outcomes impact reports
4 Annual financial data

  • Financial assistance for victims of disaster
  • Financial assistance for basic human needs
  • Feeding Programs
  • Cold Weather Shelters
  • Financial Assistance for Veterans

We fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community we serve.