United Way of the Ozarks speaker series

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Leveraging the power of Springfield Rotary

United Way of the Ozarks is excited to collaborate with Springfield Rotary Clubs and the Rotaract Club to leverage the power of our Rotarians’ reach and influence through this Speaker Series.

By engaging with speakers from our local nonprofit community, Rotarians will learn firsthand about the collective work of United Way and our system of partners.

Each speaker will bring into view why the nonprofit exists and the great work that is being done in our community. Many will provide a glimpse “behind the curtain,” revealing a part of our community that is foreign to most citizens.

We invite each Rotary Club and the Rotaract Club to connect with our partner organizations throughout the year for engaging presentations.

Connect with United Way of the Ozarks local, nonprofit partners

American Red Cross of Southern Missouri


  • Your American Red Cross: There’s more to us than you know. 
  • Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces: Our Legacy Continues 
  • Be Red Cross Ready: Are you Prepared? 
  • Ready Rating: How Prepared is Your Organization? 

    Presentation slides: Yes, but not required. 

    Speaker: Stacy Burks, Executive Director 

    Contact: Stacy Burks417-866-9813

    Betty and Bobby Allison Ozarks Counseling Center 

    Presentation: Ozarks Counseling Center 

    Presentation slides:
    Yes, but not required.

    Speaker: Andrea Bishop, Executive Director 

    Contact: Andrea Bishop, 417-869-9011

    Big Brothers Big Sisters

    Presentation: Defending Potential 

    Presentation slides: Yes, but not required. 


    • Susan Mellentine, Chief Executive Officer 
    • Bailey Simpson, Vice President of  Community Outreach

    Contact: Bailey Simpson, 417-234-8662

    Boy Scouts of America

    Presentation: Ozark Trails Council 

    Presentation slides: Yes, but not required. 


    • John Feick, Scout Executive/CEO
    • Kurtis Grothoff, Development and Marketing Director 
    • Michael Widman, Assistant Scout Executive 
    • Carl Peterson, District Director Pathfinder

    Contact: Kurtis Grothoff, 417-396-7569

    Boys and Girls Clubs of Springfield

    Presentation: The Boys and Girls Clubs of Springfield 

    Presentation slides: Yes, but not required. 


    • Brandy Harris, Chief Executive Officer 
    • Didem Koroglu, Director of Development 

      Contact: Didem Koroglu, office: 417-862-9249, cell: 605-695-3748

      Community Partnership of the Ozarks 


      • CPO 101
      • Affordable Housing and Homeless Prevention
      • Community and Neighborhood Development
      • Early Childhood and Family Development
      • Prevention and Youth Support

      Presentation slides: Yes


      • Janet Dankert, President/CEO
      • Justin Lockhart, Vice President of Communications
      • Johnny McNeil, Vice President of Community Relations
      • Michelle Garand, Vice President of Affordable Housing and Homeless Prevention
      • Patricia Deck, Vice President of Community and Neighborhood Development
      • Dana Carroll, Vice President of Early Childhood and Family Development
      • Chris Davis, Vice President of Prevention and Youth Support

      Contact: Justin Lockhart, 417-888-2020 

      Council of Churches

      Presentation: RSVP Buddy Tutoring and Mentoring Programs 

      Presentation slidesYes 

      Speaker: Tina Miller, Director of RSVP

      Contact: Tina Miller, 417-831-9696 Ext. 2

      Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Southwest Missouri


      • Change a Child’s Story: An Interactive Experience.
      • Child Abuse & Neglect: How to Make a Difference.
      • How to be Trauma-Informed.
      • Self-Care Education.

      Presentation slides: Yes


      • Laura Farmer, Executive Director
      • Rebecca Weber, Program Director

      Contact: Rebecca Weber, 417-864-6202

      Developmental Center of the Ozarks

      Presentation: DCO – The H.E.A.R.T. of our Community

      Presentation slides: Yes

      Speaker:  TBD

      Contact: Marisa DeClue, 417-829-0896

      Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland

      Presentation: The Mission of Girl Scouts and Volunteering Opportunities 

      Presentation slides: Yes


      • Melisabeth Johnston, Resource Development Manager 
      • Wendy Whelan, Director of Brand Management and Sandler Coach 
      • Andrea Copeland, Brand Strategy Manager 
      • Lauren Slamb, Public Relations Specialist  

      Contact: Lauren Slamb, 417-521-7993

      Great Circle

      Presentation: Great Circle  

      Presentation slides: Yes, but not required. 

      Speaker: Holly Hunt, Emergency Services Manager 

      Contact: Holly Hunt, 314-591-1715

      Habitat for Humanity

      Presentation: Habitat for Humanity 

      Presentation slides: Yes, but not required. 


      • Chris Tuckness, Chief of Staff 
      • Nancy Williams, Program Director 
      • Kelsey Milholland, Neighborhood Engagement Manager 

      Contact: Chris Tuckness, 417-829-4001

      The Kitchen, Inc. 

      Presentation: Need Doesn’t Stop, Neither Do We

      Yes, but not required.

      Speaker: Meleah Spencer, Chief Executive Officer 

      Contact: Meleah Spencer, 417-225-7401

      Lutheran Family and Children’s Services

      Presentation: Lutheran Family and Children’s Services of Missouri

      Presentation slides: Yes, but not required.


      • Krista Adams, Development Officer
      • Melani Engel, Program Director  

      Contact: Krista Adams, 417-427-6473

      Ozarks Literacy Council

      Presentation: Ozarks Literacy Council – Capture That Red Flag

      Presentation slides: Yes 

      Speaker: Amy Jardell, Executive Director  

      Contact: Amy Jardell, office 417-616-0551, cell 417-631-2454

      Ozarks Regional YMCA

      Presentation: The Y— Strengthening Communities 

      Presentation slides: Yes, but not required.


      • Kathryn Custer, CEO
      • Tony Ary, Director of Development 

      Contact: Tony Ary, 417-862-8962

      Harmony House


      • Domestic Violence 101 
      • Domestic Violence and the Workplace   

      Presentation slides: Yes 


      • Lisa Farmer, Executive Director 
      • Jared Alexander, Development Director 

      Contact: Jackie Langdon, 417-837-7700

      The Salvation Army

      Presentation: Hope Keeps Marching On 

      Presentation slides: Yes, but not required.


      • Major Jon Augenstein  
      • Jeff Smith, Community Relations Director 
      • Darla Harmon, Development Director 

      Contact: Jeff Smith, 417-862-5509 ext 110

      The Victim Center


      • How violence and trauma impacts our community.
      • How to support employees or coworkers who have been impacted by violent/sexual crimes.
      • Overview of The Victim Center, our collaborative partnerships, and ways to support our mission.

      Presentation slides: Yes, but not required.


      • Brandi Bartel, Executive Director
      • Anne Crites, Assistant Director
      • Alisa Garbisch, Education Director

      Contact: Alisa Garbisch, 417-863-7273

      United Way of the Ozarks

      Presentation: When corporate citizenship, talent attraction and retention collide.

      Presentation slides: Yes, but not required.

      Speaker: Greg Burris, President/CEO 

      Contact: Kimberley Lippelman-Nash, 417-863-7700