Doing good is good for your business 

The workforce dynamic has changed
Competition to attract and retain talent is fierce. And, it’s only going to get more intense. Most of the labor force is looking at employment and the world differently. Employees want more from their employer than a paycheck.
Strong corporate social responsibility is among the growing incentives to attract talent, enhance job performance, grow skill sets and retain great employees.

Community Engagement as the Differentiator
With the rapid exodus of the baby-boomer generation from the workplace, Gen X has been quickly outpaced by millennials as the largest segment of the labor force. A workplace culture that offers ways to invest in the community is an attractive feature.
And millennials have made it clear. They want a sense of pride and fulfillment from their work, a purpose and – most importantly – a company whose values match their own. 
A workplace culture that offers ways to invest in the community is an attractive feature.
“We try to balance culture and work. We ask ourselves, ‘How can I live my life values while having a rewarding career?’ Living these values inside and outside of work, our people represent who Paddio is. They become our natural recruiters.”
Stephanie Johnson, Paddio

Corporate citizenship is good for the bottom line  
It’s also good for employees, good for the organization’s public reputation and brand, and good for the community.
United Way of the Ozarks offers a variety of opportunities to strengthen your corporate citizenship by engaging your organization – and your workforce – in the community.

Partner with United Way to Engage Your Workforce in the Community  
Your employees want to help make a difference where they can. Why not provide opportunities that offer a new environment for them to work together and strengthen their skills and personal connections?
The following programs offer varying levels of participation. Let us know which match your organization’s goals.

Day of Caring 
Traditionally held the third week of June, Day of Caring is the largest single-day volunteer event in Southwest Missouri. It’s an ideal opportunity to promote your organization’s dedication to the community.

Offer Day of Caring to your team 
Your employees can give back to their community by completing service projects at area nonprofit organizations. These shared experiences, camaraderie and outcomes leave a mark on your employees’ lives. They help strengthen a sense of belonging and ownership in our community and your organization.

By taking part in Day of Caring, your organization:

  • Helps foster employee engagement.
  • Invests a half-day or a full day strengthening team communication, trust and productivity.
  • Makes a collective impact through corporate citizenship.
“Our employees return from volunteer engagements with new skills. They come back as better leaders, hone their presentation skills, have greater compassion and empathy, and gain more knowledge about the things happening just a few blocks away.” 
Andrea Brady, Great Southern Bank

Sponsor Day of Caring 

Give your team a leadership role in the planning and execution of Day of Caring. Employee teams can hone leadership, communication and organizational skills, while connecting your organization in the community. Sponsorships:

  •  Align your brand and reputation with creating positive change in our community.
  • Offer your teams project selection privileges.
  • Offer leadership opportunities.

Community Investment Panelists  
United Way of the Ozarks believes the best way to strengthen our community is by bringing people and resources together to effect long-lasting changes that improve lives. Our Community Investment Committee does just that. 

Support membership on a CI panel 

Our 62-member committee ensures donations made to United Way make the biggest impact in our community. Members serve on one of three panels that matches their passion and purpose:

  • The “Upstream Panel” supports long-term plans designed to address root causes of social issues.
  • The “Safety Net Panel” supports short-term strategies that provide services to families in crisis.
  • The “Innovation Panel” supports new, creative and inventive approaches to community needs and emerging challenges.
By encouraging membership on a community investment panel, you will provide a hands-on opportunity to impact our community.
Through our partnership with KY3, we can connect you with volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Whether you are looking for a one-time event, or an ongoing experience for your employees, Volunteer Ozarks will link your team to community engagement opportunities to meet your goals.

Give 5  
Give 5 is a Springfield-Greene County “civic matchmaking” program that connects retirees (and soon-to-be retirees) age “60 or better” with meaningful volunteer opportunities. Participants learn about the most challenging problems facing our community and uncover ways they can help make a difference in addressing those social and systemic issues.

Offer Give 5 to your retirees 

Your soon-to-be retirees have tremendous work ethic and valuable experience. Their transition out of the workplace may be difficult. Help your retirees discover how retirement can be fulfilling. By offering Give 5 opportunities, your organization:

  • Helps retirees regain purpose.
  • Connects them with volunteer opportunities that feed their passion.
  • Ensures they continue to feel relevant.

Sponsor Give 5 

Help celebrate your retirees and their contributions to your organization and our community. As a sponsor, you can:

  • Align your organization’s brand and reputation with creating positive change in our community.
  • Be associated with a “feel good” program that helps older adults regain meaning and purpose in their lives and combat social issues.

Partner with United Way to Boost your Corporate Citizenship Reputation 

By strategically investing in the community, your organization is recognized as a good corporate citizen. And it’s proven to be good for business. More than 80% of Civic 50 companies integrate community engagement into at least one of three business areas:

  • Marketing.
  • Skill development.
  • Diversity and inclusion.
“Our employees earn Dollars for Doers and can direct those rewards to causes they are passionate about. We have committed $50 million over the next 10 years for our John Deere employees to direct funds to the causes they care about to help life leap forward.”
Jena Holtberg-Benge, John Deer Reman

Workplace Campaigns  
The United Way workplace campaign is about more than raising money for worthy causes. It also strengthens connections between employees and their community. It unites your workforce and provides the opportunity to give back through donating, volunteering and speaking out for causes that matter to them.

Host a Workplace Campaign  

Running a campaign:

  • Promotes teamwork.
  • Gives your employees a chance to refine their leadership skills.
  • Allows employees from different parts of the organization to network and learn more about each other’s role in your organization.
  • Builds connection to our community.
Workplace giving campaigns can take many different forms. They are typically annual, employer-sponsored programs that offer employees the opportunity to make a charitable contribution through recurring payroll deduction, other payment methods and special events.

Giving a corporate gift:

  • Is a great way to live out your organization’s values.
  • Boosts employee loyalty and morale.
  • Makes a powerful statement about your commitment to the communit
Matching employee gifts: Donation matching is a corporate giving initiative in which an employer matches their employee’s contribution to a specific cause, increasing the gift.

Sponsor the Campaign Kickoff  
Workplace campaigns are the cornerstone of United Way. Help United Way celebrate our campaign kickoff and recognize the tremendous efforts of our workplace fundraising leaders.

As a Campaign Kickoff sponsor, you will:

  • Align your brand and reputation with helping make the community a better place for every person.
  • Help energize morale and increase your employees’ pride in their employer.
  • Be recognized throughout the campaign in print, digital and programming promotion.

United Academy for Inclusion and Belonging  
The United Academy for Inclusion and Belonging is a training series focused on helping the Springfield area become a more inclusive and welcoming community.
Administered by United Way of the Ozarks and led by Missouri State University’s Division for Diversity and Inclusion, the Academy is a constructive investment of resources to help make your organization more inclusive. It provides the resources your employees need to be great leaders.

Participate in the United Academy  
Academy participants learn the principles of social justice and gain the tools needed to foster an inclusive environment. Course materials are customized for every class to ensure relevant information.

As a participating organization, your:

  • Employees learn to identify and understand the impact of bias on individuals and the workplace.
  • Organizational culture gains a boost from the concepts modeled in the workplace.
  • Team learns to view each process through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Sponsor the United Academy  

As a United Academy sponsor, you will:

  • Make a powerful statement of your organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Be associated with creating a more inclusive community.
  • Align your brand and reputation with creating positive change in our community.
"The experience broadened my viewpoint on challenges those of different backgrounds may face. This class also revolutionized my concept of dignity. I hope to better utilize that in my everyday life."
United Academy fall 2021 participant

Beyond United Way: Professional Growth and Community Engagement 

Women United  
New to the Springfield area, Women United will create an expanded network of professional and civic-minded women. It will be a powerhouse for engaging current and emerging leaders in our community.

Join Women United 
Key leaders, recruiters and members are needed for the launch of Women United in 2022. Their collective focus will “move the needle” through philanthropy and civic engagement to create lasting change in our community.

Sponsor Women United  
Our Community Field Trip is a new volunteer matchmaking program that allows your employees to physically visit multiple nonprofits. Up to 22 participants learn firsthand about “the why” – why each nonprofit exists. And, “the how” – how they, as volunteers, can expand each nonprofit’s capacity to serve clients.

Community Field Trip 

Your support will help:

  • Empower women to leverage their passions, ideas, expertise and resources to lift up our community.
  • Facilitate collaboration with key business and community leaders.
  • Tackle key issues impacting our community.

Participate in a Community Field Trip 
Most people don’t fully understand the dynamics of their community. And, those interested in volunteering often don’t know how to take the initial step. Thus, many default to taking no action.
Our Community Field Trip is modeled on the successful Give 5 program for seniors (also pioneered in Springfield) and helps your employees take the first step into community engagement.

By taking part in a Community Field Trip, your organization will:

  • Provide an easy and fun opportunity to your employees to learn about volunteer opportunities in Springfield.
  • Help educate your employees about their community, focusing on needs and a set of local nonprofits addressing those needs.
  • Present multiple avenues for volunteerism and community engagement.

Sponsor a Community Field Trip  

As a Community Field Trip sponsor, you can directly connect your organization in the community. Sponsorships:

  • Align your brand and reputation with creating positive change in our community.
  • Associate your organization with actively engaged volunteers.

Corporate Citizenship Billboard 
Celebrate your corporate citizenship by sponsoring a United Way of the Ozarks billboard.

Strategically located across the Springfield community, these digital billboards will:

  • Help tell your organization’s authentic story of corporate citizenship.
  • Align your organization’s brand and reputation with creating positive change in our community.

Loaned Executive Academy Program 
United Way of the Ozarks is developing the first-of-its-kind Loaned Executive Academy Program (LEAP). It’s an enrichment program for up-and-coming and seasoned executives that focuses on community engagement.

Participate in LEAP 

Taught by a faculty of community leaders at the top of their respective fields, your loaned executive will:

  • Broaden professional networking.
  • Gain new skills and perspective on our community.
  • Advise your organization on the most significant role it can play in our region.
  • Increase visibility for your organization’s community engagement efforts.
Your loaned executive will return as a more knowledgeable member of your team and a key constituent in our community.

Become a LEAP sponsor 

Your support will help:

  • Boosts employee loyalty and morale.
  • Align your organization’s brand and reputation with doing good in the communit

Coming soon to United Way of the Ozarks  
There are more ways to engage you workforce in our community. The following offer additional avenues to help your employees grow, connect and feel valued through your organization.
Springfield is a community full of possibilities for meaningful engagement and long-term connection.
To learn more, visit the respective websites below or connect with United Way.

The City has more than 25 standing boards and commissions, providing opportunities to get involved in the community. Requirements for the City’s standing boards and commissions vary.
By Charter, the City has eight City Council members who are each elected for a four-year term on a non-partisan basis, and a mayor who is elected for a two-year term.
The Citizens Police Academy offers 30 hours of instruction over a 10-week period to learn how the Springfield Police Department functions.
The Police Cadet Unit is a volunteer operational unit designed to prepare the cadets for a career in law enforcement while supplementing the resources of the department. 

Friends of the Garden maintain and enhance the Springfield Botanical Gardens by raising funds, volunteers and members.
Friends of the Zoo help generate revenue that funds vital zoo projects and programs. Two of the most important beneficiaries are the conservation education department and Dickerson Park Zoo’s field conservation support.
Springfield-Greene County Park Board has a variety of opportunities for volunteers of all ages.
Leadership Springfield is a collection of community leadership programs for area professionals and local students. Its framework unlocks potential and connects people to meet real needs in Springfield.
The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization that works to shape the important issues to keep our democracy strong. Members register voters, promote voter education and advocate for public policy issues on all levels of government.
The O’Reilly Center for Hope is a community hub focusing on improving the lives of individuals, families with children and veterans who need help to becoming housed and self-sufficient. It brings together in one location multiple resources in support of affordable housing and financial stability. Accessing services is frequently difficult for those living in poverty or experiencing homelessness, but a single site reduces transportation and other access barriers.
The Center relies upon volunteers to keep running to meet the needs of those in our community. To learn more about connecting your organization with The O’Reilly Center for Hope, please contact:
The Chamber is nonprofit business advocate driving the initiatives that help make Springfield a great place to do business. We’re working to increase opportunities for businesses of every size to succeed – and to grow jobs, our workforce and investment in the region.
The Network is the premier organization for Springfield’s professionals under 40. As a committee of the Chamber, The Network helps YPs engage in the business community, build connections and access professional development opportunities.
Chamber business members benefit from increased visibility and credibility. They have access to networking and educational opportunities and gain a representative voice in policy decisions that impact their ability to grow. Small business members gain access to a cost-competitive health insurance program. Every member contributes to the collective economic impact of attracting and retaining businesses and talent in our community.